Hamus Spices & Beverages (U) Limited
Unleash the Extraordinary
Elevate Your Culinary Experience with Our Distinctive Spice Blends!"
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Spice Beyond Ordinary:
Where Every Flavor Tells a Story!
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Unleash the Extraordinary:
Elevate Your Culinary Experience with Our Distinctive Spice Blends!
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Welcome to Hamus Spices and Beverages Uganda Limited—where delicious flavors meet your kitchen! We’re excited to have you with us, we’ve gathered fantastic spices from all around to make your cooking experience special. 

From unique blends to everyday favorites, each spice is chosen with care. Check out our website for exciting recipes and helpful tips. Plus, enjoy a special welcome gift with code WELCOME10 on your first order. 

Connect with us on social media, share your cooking stories, and let’s make every meal amazing together. Your tasty journey begins here at Hamus Spices and Beverages Uganda Limited. Happy cooking!

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Beef Muchuzi Mix

Available in 8gm, 15gm, 200gm and 50 gm

Chicken Muchuzi Mix

Available in 8gm and 15 gm

Pillawo Masala

Available in Tin and sackets

Who we are

Hamus spices & beverages (U) ltd (HMS)is an agro processing and manufacturing company that transforms agricultural products into ready to use quality, nutritious and affordable food and beverage spices.  The company manufactures a variety of food spices and seasoning product with its leading product being “Hashmat Mchuzi Mix “The taste and Aroma u need”

HMS is registered with the Uganda Manufacturers association as a member and was issued a membership certificate in 2021. We work hand in hand with UNBS

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Alternatively, Please send an email to hamuscustomercare@gmail.com, and our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to assisting you.

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Who we work with

P.O Box 75764, Kampala (U)

Tel: 392 945 798

You can contact us Directly on;

Director – +256 (0) 702 273 358 | General Manager – +256 (0) 705 991 413


hamuscustomercare@gmail.com | customercare@hashmatspices.com

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